The asset store

The perfect tool for customer acquisition and brand advertising.

This is the place
where brands and publishers
meet consumers.

The perfect tool
for customer acquisition

Publishers can create their own assets (pictures, 3D models, animated artwork, music and videos) and publish them in the asset store.

Any asset can be traded for a coupon code, tickets, loyalty programs, in game goods, AR/VR objects, or any digital item that has a value and can be owned.

It´s a win win system where users can interact with each other between ecosystems thanks to Ethereum ERC20 tokens.

The new standard
for Brand advertising

Today over $100 billion a year is spent in digital brand advertising and all of that value goes to middlemen (planning/buying/technology, and the website to display the ad), but none of that value goes to the consumer which that brand is trying to reach.

Our asset store is leveraging a new and innovative technology (partnership soon undisclosed) to change that conversation and enable brands to provide direct value to consumers.

Now it's up to you !

to create your own assets and make them tradable on the Moonify's Asset Store